Our Courses


Perfect Pint

Behind every great pint there’s a great brewer, and a well-trained bartender. This short course gives you an overview of how to pour the perfect pint.

wine tasting course - wine appreciation

First Sip

In this short course you will be given an introduction to the different types of wine, their tasting notes and serving methods.

distilling beer - how to distill beer

Dispense with Distinction

Pour beers and ciders with confidence thanks to this comprehensive online course. From the cellar to the tap, we'll walk you through the Do's and Don'ts of running a successful bar.

how to pour a beer

Beer Brewing

Become a beer ambassador with this extensive online course. From the brewing process to the different beer styles and best bar practices, learn everything you need to know to recommend and serve the perfect pint.

cider making - how to make cider - course

Cider Making

The Cider Making course will equip you to become a cider ambassador with the ability to educate customers and fellow colleagues on the history, types, and tasting notes of cider.


Menabrea Premium Italian Birra

In this short course you enter the world of Menabrea to learn about it's history, where and how it’s made, and understand just why it’s so popular.


Heverlee Premium Pilsner Lager

This short course gives you an introduction to how an Abbey in Belgium inspired this unique beer.