Beer Brewing

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Become a beer ambassador with this comprehensive online course. From the brewing process to the different beer styles and best bar practices, learn everything you need to know to recommend and serve the perfect pint.

What you will learn

  • How beer is made
  • Key ingredients and how they influence the look and taste of beer
  • How to talk your customers through the unique tastes of each product
  • Beer categories in growth in the UK and their geography
  • How to maintain the quality of your keg beers

Course content

  • The History of Beer
  • Beer Ingredients
  • Beer Styles
  • Tasting Notes
  • Packaging & Getting It Right
  • Final Assessment

Who is this course for

Hospitality professionals, bar managers, and owners who want to increase their knowledge and provide the best customer experience

This Course includes

  • Full lifetime access
  • Assessments to check your knowledge
  • Certificate of completion